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Powerful conversation tools to automate day-to-day tasks

Automate day-to-day customer service tasks like answering questions, dealing with complaints, finding the product or service that matches your customer’s needs and stock availability checks.

  • Use Excisting Integrations
    Our out-of-the-box content mangement system allows you to make rapid adjustments when needed.
  • 10 years of experience
    Our team has 10+ years experience in both development as well as in the editorial phase of chatbot development.

Automated Chat integrates with:

Conversationally interact with your internal software.

Let your team create your own internal company assistant. They can easlily interact with it. In only a few seconds you can schedule a meeting, check stock availability, find invoices and/or add things to the todo or grocery list.

  • Watercooler interactions
    Joke of the day? A fun fact from Wikipedia? Your chatbot is always there to talk about casual things when you are open for distraction e.g. during lunch break. After that it's back to business.
  • Your personal assistant
    The internal chatbot is easy to customise, and is therefore often seen as a personal assistant. Just like Siri and 'Hey Google'.

Real time available accross many devices and platforms

The cross-platform functionalities allow you to interact on a conversational level with your customers across many devices and platforms, including: web, mobile web, whatsapp and Facebook.

  • Use Excisting Integrations
    Our out-of-the-box solutions allow you to chat instantly with customers via your website or webshop, mobile web, Whatsapp (BETA) and Facebook.
  • Connect via the API
    Our API allows companies to connect the high-end automated services to existing chat solutions like LiveChat inc, Zopim and Facebook Messenger.

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